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The Box came about because a working Mommy had a dream of staying at home with her children. Being able to voulenteer in class, and go on field trips. She worked a full time job in the Mortgage Industry which demanded at times 14 plus hour days. She rarley was able to see her children during the week, as she would leave when they were asleep and they were asleep when she would get home.


In Feburary 2014 her company closed the doors to the office she worked at. This was her opportunity, what she was always waiting for, time with her children. This Mommy wanted to make this situtation permanenet, and decided to do a complete restoration of a 1970 Ford AM Ice Cream Truck. With the assistance of God first and for most, her loving husband, children, family, co-workers and acquaintances she has been able to keep her dream alive.


Today The Box is on the move, and booking events in the Orange County Area and surrounding counties as well.


Love your ice cream truck❤🌈is very cheerful love the art❤❤

Best ever!!!!!!!!

♥ the idea - my mom is the best, she provides for us and this business will help her take care of herself better, and make her have a good life too!

"Best ice cream truck ever if you rent this ice cream truck you won't forget it you will beg for more"
The truck is so cute looking i would be very excited to have that truck pull up for any party. Once you see it you will want it too"
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